Who we are
is not so
simply put.
It’s what we feed into the world that can be measured.


Loyal College of Art – Description

 The Loyal College of Art is multi-facet research program/collective who are continuously in a state of incompleteness, we do not aim at a single conclusion, but function as a reimagining of its structure as an entity. We are currently working towards creating interconnected art spaces and opportunities around the world to form a program which aims to support, care, and share arts and culture.

We are committed to researching and generating alternative ways in where we, independent creative practitioners/organisations alike can sustain ourselves and support each of our practices outside the need of any major cultural institution.  As the future continues to organise culture into segments of industry and institution, we have decided to chose the leave the ordinary and create our own futures and potentials.

Our Dreams (at the moment) are to create a shared communal studio & gathering space with the collective. The collective comprises of artists, musicians, designers, children and other areas of the humanities such as linguistics, poetry etc. all of whom are aiming to organise into forming group initiatives through outputs such as;



Performance Space / Gathering Space / Events

3D Studio (Ceramics/Sculpture/Foundry)

Micro-press (In-house publishing)

Online platform (For workshops/classes/events)

Music Studio / Recording

Media Studio


About Us

Where Did We Begin?

The Loyal College of Art is a spore from the original the bio-mimicry art project ‘Royal College of Fungi’, which has grown into it’s own social organism through the recent shift towards digitally connected culture. The Royal College of Fungi is an active multi-faceted research project that compares social systems to fungi systems to understand what we can learn from nature to re-think and create sustainable modes of living, working and learning. Focusing on education the Royal College of Fungi creates mock institutions where the model and structure is committed to that of an organism (fungi) rather than a hierarchical structure. Through the course of four year the RCF has formed many lifecycles of different projects, the LCF is the most recent.


Join the Community

“Because who else is going to support us, in the non-linear paradigm we call life. Only the people doing the same.”

Penlan Poet

Poet, Turkey

“If a seed sows in my mind, I will be thankful to you”


Yoga Instructor, Lithuania

“Through the pandemic I was desperate for learning something new about the arts, when I joined in on LCA’s online workshop it really opened up a process for me.”


Sculptress, Wales

Does this sound interesting?

We are waiting for your involvement.