Loyal College of Art

We are currently building a network of independent artists and artist-run organisations who are committed to supporting and sustaining creative practices outside of the institution. “Because who else is going to support us, rather than each other doing the same?”

Are you loyal to your dreams? 

We offer an opportunity for people to come together, in learning, in sharing and in envisioning the future where culture is not limited or exclusive, however, more accessible for people from all walks of life.

Online Calendar

We work towards connecting our online community with independent artists and organisations who are establishing their practices online. You can expect to see workshops, performance and events, etc. that exist online and offline in our calendar section of the website. 


This section is where we promote, share and sell Books/Publications/Papers from our community and members. 

If you wish to promote in this section, please us our contact page.

Loyalty Platform (in process)

The loyalty platform’s future aim is to provide an online space for Loyalty members to connect to live classes run by creative practitioners associated with the LCA .


Feedback is our backbone

We are waiting for you feedbacks

Thomas James

I can’t wait to hear you voices.

Alexandra Boutsi

Supported by our chairs and your words.

Anna Grenman

Words are sounds that echo throughout reality. Please share.

Daniele Giannetti

 The door is open

If you are interested in taking any classes or workshops (Loyalties) please find all the information on our calendar as well on our ‘Who Are We?’ page. If you would like to share your classes or workshops on the calendar or somewhere on the page, please contact us via. contact form.